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​World Book Day 2018, an open discussion on culture of reading amongst youngsters to be held today 04-23-2018 09:50 Prishtinë News
​Three Pristina main roads to be temporarily closed for remembrance of road traffic victims today 04-23-2018 09:46 Prishtinë Security
​Kosovo marks Missing Persons Week 04-23-2018 09:44 Prishtinë News
​Thaci travels to The Hague, delivers a lecture at Clingendael Institute 04-23-2018 09:40 Prishtinë News
​Minister Lluka speaks on importance of “Kosova e Re” Power Plant 04-22-2018 16:42 Prishtinë News
​Gjilan marks International Earth Day by planting flowers 04-22-2018 16:25 Prishtinë News
​Ahmeti announces completion of constructions of road "Fehmi Lladrovci" 04-22-2018 16:24 Prishtinë News
Constructions of "Ibrahim Kodra" Museum in Pristina, to begin soon 04-22-2018 15:59 Prishtinë Nacional
​Kosovo Police marks the International Earth Day 04-22-2018 14:52 Prishtinë News
​Kosovo Police marks the International Earth Day 04-22-2018 14:50 Prishtinë News
​Foreign Minister Pacolli condemns Kabul suicide bombing 04-22-2018 14:22 Prishtinë News
Kosovo PM calls for environmental protection 04-22-2018 13:00 Prishtinë News
Kosovo Minister of Finance, on a visit to US Department of State 04-22-2018 12:36 Prishtinë News
Road traffic victims to be remembered tomorrow in Pristina 04-22-2018 11:34 Prishtinë Nacional
​Prizren, next destination for motorists 04-22-2018 11:12 Prishtinë Sport
​Serbia is not focused on Kosovo's platform 04-22-2018 11:00 Prishtinë News
​137 years since the heroic fall of Mic Sokoli 04-22-2018 10:10 Prishtinë Nacional
​Kosovo marks International Earth Day 04-22-2018 09:25 Prishtinë News
​Haradinaj meets with the President of Association of Albanian Journalists in Switzerland 04-21-2018 16:55 Prishtinë News
Pacolli thanks Ambassador Zemaj for his contribution in finding two disappeared Albanian children in Germany 04-21-2018 16:31 Prishtinë News
​7,000 volunteers collect tons of garbage in Suhareka 04-21-2018 15:59 Prishtinë Nacional
Haradinaj on PISA test: We must show good results 04-21-2018 15:38 Prishtinë Nacional
​Judiciary and weakness of rule of law institutions contribute to corruption 04-21-2018 14:46 Prishtinë News
Judiciary and weak rule of law institutions contribute to corruption 04-21-2018 14:46 Prishtinë News
US Department of State criticizes justice regarding protection of women victims of violence 04-21-2018 14:17 Prishtinë News
​28 years since Demaci’s release from prison 04-21-2018 13:26 Prishtinë News
​Rama: Albania and Kosovo have started working on mountain paths regeneration 04-21-2018 12:32 Prishtinë News
US Department of State on Kosovo-Serbia dialogue: it continued fitfully 04-21-2018 12:07 Prishtinë News
US State Department: Endemic government corruption and attacks on journalists are the worst types of human rights violation 04-21-2018 11:30 Prishtinë News
Corn seed allocated to 500 farmers from Ferizaj 04-21-2018 11:26 Prishtinë News
​Today marks 30th anniversary of LPRK establishment in Rahovec 04-21-2018 09:52 Prishtinë Nacional
Ornamental trees to be planted in Ferizaj 04-21-2018 09:35 Prishtinë Nacional
​Dukagjini marks 20th anniversary of KLA war start 04-21-2018 09:10 Prishtinë Nacional
Molliqaj demands abolition of roaming charges between Kosovo and Albania 04-20-2018 19:20 Prishtinë Nacional
​New director of KIA didn’t pass the security test, Selimi says 04-20-2018 18:58 Prishtinë Nacional
Djuric: Pristina authorities have no intention of forming the Association of Serb Municipalities 04-20-2018 18:55 Mitrovicë News
​MPs still discussing on progress report 04-20-2018 18:04 Prishtinë News
​Britain supports projects in Mitrovica Municipality 04-20-2018 17:52 Mitrovicë News
Thaci decorates GIZ director with Presidential Jubilee Medal 04-20-2018 16:49 Prishtinë News
​Shpend Maxhuni elected as new KIA chief 04-20-2018 16:46 Prishtinë News
​Kosovo marks progress in the fight against fire guns trafficking 04-20-2018 16:44 Prishtinë News
​Tahiri: Business community, a partner in strengthening of rule of law 04-20-2018 16:26 Pejë News
​Thaci received a delegation of the Turkish community, congratulated them on their day 04-20-2018 14:36 Prishtinë Nacional
​Progress report should be translated in Albanian, Sejdiu says 04-20-2018 14:29 Prishtinë Politics
​Progress report is reasonable and objective, Deliu says 04-20-2018 13:57 Prishtinë News
​Konjufca: Progress report, alarming for Kosovo 04-20-2018 13:46 Prishtinë Nacional
​Hoti: Demarcation, the only success stated in EU’s progress report 04-20-2018 13:36 Prishtinë News
​45 students selected to study abroad in Europe 04-20-2018 13:26 Prishtinë Nacional
​Hoti says most of political parties have accepted to take part at LDK’s roundtable 04-20-2018 13:05 Prishtinë News
​Pacolli seeks Bulgaria’s assistance at Sofia Summit 04-20-2018 12:47 Prishtinë Nacional
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