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​Official: Continuation of constitutive session of Kosovo Assembly to take place tomorrow 08-23-2017 15:31 Prishtinë News
​Japanese Albanologist delivers lecture on Albanians’ Kanun 08-23-2017 12:51 Prishtinë News
​President Thaçi promises greater commitment on issue of missing persons 08-23-2017 12:23 Prishtinë Nacional
​AAK holds press conference (Live) 08-23-2017 12:14 Prishtinë News
​12 Mitrovica farmers receive subsidies in fruit production 08-23-2017 12:11 Mitrovicë Nacional
​Lushtaku supports Bekim Jashari’s candidacy for mayor of Skenderaj 08-23-2017 11:34 Prishtinë Politics
​Conference on Missing Persons to be held today 08-23-2017 09:40 Prishtinë Nacional
​Hoxhaj: Kosovo should get a seat in the UN 08-23-2017 09:38 Prishtinë Nacional
​Vetevendosje’s activists released from house arrest and detention 08-22-2017 16:41 Prishtinë Security
​Mitrovica honors first post-war Kosovo PM 08-22-2017 16:34 Prishtinë Nacional
​31 political entities apply for certification in CEC 08-22-2017 16:05 Prishtinë Nacional
​Trial against Vetevendosje activists held behind closed doors 08-22-2017 15:52 Prishtinë Security
​Thaçi: Kosovo lost its prominent statesman 08-22-2017 13:41 Prishtinë Nacional
​Veliu confirms: Arban Abrashi, LDK’s candidate for Mayor of Pristina 08-22-2017 13:28 Prishtinë Politics
​Haradinaj: An opportunity for broadly-based governance 08-22-2017 13:19 Prishtinë News
​President Thaçi pays homage to former Kosovo PM, Bajram Rexhepi 08-22-2017 12:54 Prishtinë Nacional
​Veseli pays homage to former PM Rexhepi 08-22-2017 12:26 Prishtinë Nacional
​Mustafa pays homage to former PM Rexhepi 08-22-2017 12:20 Prishtinë News
​Haradinaj pays homage to former PM Rexhepi 08-22-2017 12:15 Prishtinë Nacional
​Kosovo diplomatic missions to open a Book of Condolence for former Kosovo PM, Bajram Rexhepi 08-22-2017 12:04 Prishtinë Nacional
​Bajram Rexhepi’s funeral ceremony to be held today 08-22-2017 09:33 Prishtinë News
​Deadline for submission of lists for local elections by political parties ends today 08-22-2017 09:31 Prishtinë News
​Trial against Vetevendosje activists to begin today 08-22-2017 09:30 Prishtinë News
​Day of mourning in Kosovo 08-22-2017 09:28 Prishtinë News
​Vujicic: Serbia to find formula of normalization of relations with Kosovo 08-21-2017 11:09 Prishtinë News
​Former Kosovo PM, Bajram Rexhepi dies at 63 08-21-2017 10:41 Prishtinë News
Art Biennale Highway opens public exhibition in Prizren 08-21-2017 10:33 Prishtinë News
​Deadline for submission of lists for local elections by political parties ends tomorrow 08-21-2017 09:46 Prishtinë News
Ymeri: PAN continues to block institutions 08-21-2017 09:42 Prishtinë Politics
​PDK youth: Shpend Ahmeti lost 47 projects 08-21-2017 09:41 Prishtinë Nacional
​Ramë Buja leaves PDK 08-18-2017 16:29 Prishtinë News
​Energy consumption in Kosovo increases 08-18-2017 15:45 Prishtinë Economy
​PDK Presidency meets to discuss about mayoral candidates for local elections 08-18-2017 15:35 Prishtinë News
​MLSW signs MoU with Pensioners League of Kosovo 08-18-2017 15:10 Prishtinë News
​AlCo, an Albanian language corpus with 100 million words 08-18-2017 14:52 Prishtinë News
​Man arrested for misuse of official position 08-18-2017 12:08 Prishtinë Security
​Afatinib donated to Oncology Clinic 08-18-2017 12:03 Prishtinë News
​DiasporaFlet to end to tonight 08-18-2017 11:37 Prishtinë Nacional
​PDK youth with symbolic action on graduation of Mitrovica mayor, Agim Bahtiri 08-18-2017 09:53 Prishtinë Politics
​Ahmeti: I was not arrested by Italian police 08-18-2017 09:33 Prishtinë Politics
​Mustafa consoled Spanish people after attack in Barcelona 08-18-2017 09:32 Prishtinë Nacional
PDK youth went ‘fishing’ in the squares of Pristina 08-18-2017 09:30 Prishtinë Politics
​Olluri: The corrupt should be afraid of journalists, not vice versa 08-17-2017 15:09 Prishtinë News
​FSUK, full member of FISU 08-17-2017 12:30 Prishtinë News
​Kurti: PAN’s boycott, non-recognition of election results 08-17-2017 11:48 Prishtinë News
​Konjufca: PAN’s blockade, intentional 08-17-2017 09:56 Prishtinë News
​Thaçi: Attack on journalist Parim Olluri, intolerable 08-17-2017 09:35 Prishtinë News
​35 Peace Corps in Kosovo to sworn in today 08-17-2017 09:34 Prishtinë News
​UEFA President to visit FFK today 08-17-2017 09:32 Prishtinë News
​Krasniqi: Yesterday, I addressed PAN’s millionaires 08-15-2017 16:16 Prishtinë News
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