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​UNICEF launched Generation Unlimited Youth Challenge 11-16-2018 19:19 Prishtinë News
​Kurti says Thaci should consider seeking political asylum in Russia 11-16-2018 16:25 Prishtinë Politics
​Adoption of package of laws, extremely important for visa liberalization process 11-16-2018 15:44 Prishtinë Nacional
​Hoxhaj says Serbia shouldn’t be afraid of Kosovo’s membership in Interpol 11-16-2018 15:15 Prishtinë News
​MoF: Domestic economy expected to increase by 4.3% 11-16-2018 15:06 Prishtinë Economy
​Ruling parties MPs don’t deem it necessary to hold session on foreign policy 11-16-2018 13:53 Prishtinë Politics
​“Money laundering undermines economic development” 11-16-2018 12:00 Prishtinë Nacional
​Hoxha in Estonia, seeks support for visa liberalization 11-16-2018 11:18 Prishtinë News
​Kosovo Assembly fails to hold extraordinary session due to lack of quorum 11-16-2018 11:15 Prishtinë Politics
General statistics for the past 24 hours 11-16-2018 09:45 Prishtinë Security
​Kosovo Assembly, extraordinary session on foreign policy to take place today 11-16-2018 09:40 Prishtinë News
​No change in Russian stance on Kosovo 11-16-2018 09:37 Moskë News
​Meta: We support Kosovo-Serbia talks, opposition to be part of dialogue 11-16-2018 09:36 Prishtinë News
​Kosovo has no open territorial issues with Serbia, PM says 11-16-2018 09:34 Prishtinë News
​Kosovo PM and President to be interrogated over deportation of six Turkish nationals 11-15-2018 19:12 Prishtinë Nacional
​Haradinaj: Kosovo needs better planning for water reserves 11-15-2018 18:40 Prishtinë Nacional
​Kosovo has made progress but still faces challenges in the field of economy 11-15-2018 18:18 Prishtinë News
​Hungarian diplomat says EU is very unfair towards Kosovo 11-15-2018 17:10 Prishtinë News
​Extremism can be prevented if countries cooperate with each other, Mustafa says 11-15-2018 16:16 Prishtinë News
​Hungary supports Kosovo-Serbia deal 11-15-2018 15:25 Prishtinë News
Gashi meets with Zenka, discuss Kosovo-Montenegro cultural cooperation 11-15-2018 15:05 Prishtinë News
​Hoti: PAN lost parliamentary majority, country must go to elections 11-15-2018 14:43 Prishtinë News
​President Thaci decorates KFOR Commander with Military Medal for Service in Kosovo 11-15-2018 13:12 Prishtinë Security
​Recica clarifies issue of KPC members’ pensions 11-15-2018 12:59 Prishtinë Nacional
​Former KPC members protest, enter the MSLW building 11-15-2018 11:58 Prishtinë News
​MoF and WB conclude negotiations for a €14mn loan 11-15-2018 11:32 Prishtinë Economy
​Pacolli: Membership in Interpol will make Kosovo safer 11-15-2018 11:19 Prishtinë News
​General statistics for the past 24 hours 11-15-2018 10:39 Prishtinë Security
​Thaci-LePoint: We cannot change the past between Kosovo and Serbia, but we can change the future 11-15-2018 10:04 Prishtinë News
​Three state officials to be interrogated over deportation of six Turkish nationals 11-15-2018 09:41 Prishtinë News
​Firefighters to protest today 11-15-2018 09:38 Prishtinë News
​Limaj reacts to Dacic’s statement 11-15-2018 09:35 Prishtinë News
​Citaku: We will not discuss formation of Kosovo army with Serbia 11-15-2018 09:33 Nju Jork News
​Cuoci: KFOR will not allow unilateral steps 11-14-2018 20:07 Mitrovicë News
​OAK seeks from UNMIK/Kosova to leave CEFTA and help domestic production 11-14-2018 20:05 Prishtinë Economy
​French investor willing to invest in Kosovo 11-14-2018 18:45 Prishtinë Economy
​LDK’s Hoti seeks dissolution of Assembly 11-14-2018 18:06 Prishtinë News
Germany support Kosovo’s membership in Interpol 11-14-2018 17:44 Beograd News
​Veseli, Ahtisaari discuss Kosovo's future 11-14-2018 17:28 Prishtinë News
​Reporting on Trepca fails due to lack of quorum 11-14-2018 16:59 Prishtinë Economy
​Kosovo attends BME's three-day symposium in Berlin 11-14-2018 16:10 Prishtinë Economy
​Firefighters to hold protest tomorrow 11-14-2018 15:10 Prishtinë Security
Kosovo exports 11 times less than it imports 11-14-2018 14:38 Prishtinë Economy
​“Bellanica” case, Fatmir Limaj pleads not guilty 11-14-2018 13:43 Prishtinë Security
​Tahiri: Commercial justice, a priority that is taking shape 11-14-2018 13:04 Prishtinë News
​Great Britain, Germany will assist in training of tax inspectors 11-14-2018 12:18 Prishtinë Economy
​NGOs react to Government’s hastiness to proceed laws for EU’s sake 11-14-2018 11:59 Prishtinë Nacional
​Air pollution in Pristina hits record highs again 11-14-2018 10:23 Prishtinë News
​World Bank: Kosovo’s foreign debt increases 11-14-2018 10:20 Uashington Economy
​Vucic ironizes: Thaci can chase Putin all he likes 11-14-2018 10:17 Beograd News
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